Members will experience a fun Low Impact Functional Exercise program that is designed to decrease body fat, increase energy levels, achieve cardiovascular fitness and increase functional strength while being gentle of the joints. If you still enjoy being in the race but don’t feel the need to be first, want a challenging environment without a competitive edge, looking to reintroduce yourself to training or simply want to be good at the sport of “LIFE” and enjoy the increased benefits of a healthy lifestyle with family and friends then TribeLIFE™ is for you.      

This program is two days per week and runs in 6 week Seasons with a week recovery before starting again. Every individual Training Session (workout) and every week is designed to specifically complement the last ensuring members will get amazing results season after season. You will never repeat a workout twice, every single Training Session and every single season is different! It is this programming that provides the challenge and generates the results we need from our training, it is the team that drives us to our meet true training potential.  

Tribe Schedule